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Bentley Newborn⎜Virginia Newborn Photographer

I work with Kelly and am one of the many that adores her at the hospital! She has such a bright and cheerful manner about her– even on the days when we’re all overwhelmed its the best to pass her in the hall and know we can smile that we’re in it together! Kelly’s sweet grandson, Bentley, is such a cutie and has the entire family wrapped around his finger already!! I loved getting to meet Baby B’s sweet mama and hear how he’s adjusting to life on the outside. Enjoy my favorites of this cute boy…



So sweet!



How stinking cute is he?!


Rocking the bowtie!




So sweet and tired


Too sleepy to save the world…


3 generations!


Sweet mama





Christopher & Rebecca⎜Virginia Wedding Photographer

Christopher and Rebecca tied the knot in a delightfully historic church located in Fincastle, Virginia. The church held special significance for Rebecca as her family attended during her childhood and she remembers all the times spent playing in the balcony. In front of their closest family and friends Chris and Rebecca shared their vows to love one another and uphold Christ in their marriage. The ceremony and celebration reflected the sincere joy that the couple shares with one another. The church and adorable downtown made such a gorgeous setting for the day! I am so honored my sweet friend Rebecca honored me with capturing her day!! These two were seriously meant for each other and it was such a wonderful wedding to capture…






Both joy, sadness, and remembrance for Christopher’s Dad.



Rebecca and Chris opted to not see each other before the wedding, but held hands through a doorway for a prayer together. So, so incredibly special.




Such a joyful ceremony!







There is nothing better than that just married excitement!!


Beautiful day!



Listen– this bridal party put other weddings I’ve photographed to absolute shame with how awesome they were!! They were small but way mighter than some of the 18 people parties I’ve photographed!



Sweet friend you are beautiful inside and out!!


I couldn’t have captured the day without Katie! I’m so thankful for her both as a second shooter and sister! Girl has talent!!



Some of Katie’s shots!


These two were kind enough to let us steal them away for portraits and I couldn’t have been more happy with how they turned out!! It’s so important to build time into your day to capture images that last through the years to celebrate the anniversaries and Rebecca did just that!! I hope they’ll enjoy their photos for years to come, they nailed it!


So sweet!








I couldn’t stop yapping about how Southern Weddings they were! Stunning!!



Reception time!




Elliana One Year ⎜Virginia Child Photographer

I’ve been honored to capture this little one from maternity photos to one year!! I’m just as shocked as Ryan and Megan that their baby is one!! It flew by. Sweet Elliana is exploring and figuring out being on the go, pulling up, and taking off. Megan had the cutest idea for a little hot air balloon and it turned out so so great! Enjoy my favorites of this happy little girl!

Davis 187_WEB

SO adorable!!!

Davis 203_WEBDavis 389_WEBDavis 428_WEBDavis 475_WEB

Bubbles and babies?! Cute

Davis 2315_WEB

Davis 2182_WEBDavis 2213_WEBDavis 2267_WEBDavis 2347_WEB

Davis 1568_WEB

My brother in law is quite the landscaper so we had to head over there for some pretty backdrop!

Davis 1593_WEBDavis 1643_WEBDavis 1690_WEB

Sweet little family!

Davis 1yr-7_WEB

Dad’s pretty girls!

Davis 1040_WEBDavis 1076_WEB

Love this cute chalkboard with info!

Davis 1yr-22_WEB

Deacon One Year ⎜Virginia Child Photographer

I met Courtney through the wonderful world of nursing friends– they’re just the best and so is this sweet Mama! We did their sweet son Deacon’s first year pictures at their house which was so gorgeous and such a laid back atmosphere for baby. Deacon was adorable and I loved the props they had!! The family dog Murph was great entertainment and smiles for Deacon… Their dog is so stinking cute and soft– I seriously thought about packing him up in my photo bags! Enjoy my favorites of this sweet family…

Deacon 1141_WEB

That cute little smile!

Deacon 1159_WEB

Houser 333_WEBHouser 362_WEB

So cute!

Houser 382_WEBHouser 416_WEB

Deacon 1243_WEBDeacon 1247_WEB

Loved the ONE Courtney had! So cute!!

Deacon 1315_WEBDeacon 1352_WEBHouser 161_WEB

Cute little farm baby!

Houser 238_WEBHouser 246_WEB

Such a wonderful family!

Houser 181_WEB

Yep that dog is so soft and fluffy I needed it… my dogs would be appalled I’m even thinking that!

Houser 200_WEB

Houser 299_WEB


Jackson ⎜Virginia Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Jackson is here!! Josh and Jessica were so excited to meet this little man and their families were too! Not only their families, but then friends, Josh’s coworkers and all of us that work with Jess– little Jackson would be held 24/7 if they’d let us! I absolutely loved taking photos of this little guy! He was hands down the happiest newborn I’ve ever met. For.Real. He kept busting these grins out nonstop in his milk coma sleep and it was seriously the cutest thing ever! Couldn’t have asked for a more photogenic baby!

Pultz newborn 130_WEB

I posted the fox ones first because this one is my favorite shot from the day 🙂

Pultz newborn 192_WEBPultz newborn 324_WEBPultz newborn 460_WEBPultz newborn 519_WEBPultz newborn 676_WEBPultz newborn 706_WEB

Oh sweet peaceful boy. How your parents love you.

Pultz newborn 735_WEBPultz newborn 738_WEB

Listen I wasn’t joking he was the perfect smiling baby model!!!

Pultz newborn 785_WEB

Pultz newborn 73_WEB

Pultz newborn 1703_WEB

This bowtie Jess brought was so dapper– love it!

Pultz newborn 1726_WEBPultz newborn 1773_WEBPultz newborn 1872_WEBPultz newborn 1894_WEB

Pultz newborn 858_WEB

The photo on the right is also my favorite from the shoot– so much love!!

Pultz newborn 871_WEBPultz newborn 887_WEB

Oh sweet mama! I adore Jess. Her friendship was the only thing that kept me sane in nursing school!

Pultz newborn 957_WEBPultz newborn 991_WEB

Could just eat him up! So cute

Pultz newborn 1040_WEBPultz newborn 1047_WEBPultz newborn 1074_WEBPultz newborn 1161_WEB

I pretty much died when Dad got out this amazingly huge, spanking clean tire for his little man.. perfect!

Pultz newborn 1175_WEBPultz newborn 1206_WEBPultz newborn 1235_WEB