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Parks Engagement⎜Elkton VA Wedding Photographer

I am so glad these two Eastern shore cuties landed here in rural Virginia!! I work with Emily and just adore her– she is so incredibly kind and always willing to lend a hand. Just a gem this girl! You can ask Will as well, he’s pretty crazy about her too! Their sweet pup Buddy came to photos and Emily was like “I’m going to bring Buddy, but I’m not really sure how he’ll do– we’ll just see”…. so Buddy stole the show!!! What a happy old man this dog is, he seriously didn’t stop smiling for all the photos!! Enjoy my favorites Will and Emily, I’m so excited for you all to tie the knot next year!!

Parks Engagement 25_WEB

Love this!! When this is one of the first 10 photos you take and it’s this good you know it’s gonna be a great day!

Parks Engagement 165_WEBParks Engagement 207_WEB

Sweet Will works for the railroad so this was quite fitting!

Parks Engagement 377_WEBParks Engagement 409_WEBParks Engagement 476_WEBParks Engagement 513_WEBParks Engagement 542_WEB

What did I tell you about Buddy?! Stole the show that puppy!

Parks Engagement 714_WEBParks Engagement 735_WEB

These down at the river are some of my absolute favorites!!! Love the fall glow

Parks Engagement 739_WEBParks Engagement 779_WEBParks Engagement 799_WEBParks Engagement 828_WEB

Such a wonderful couple!

Parks Engagement 842_WEBParks Engagement 921_WEB

Will did amazing with the ring!

Parks Engagement 970_WEB

Parks Engagement 1598_WEB

Parks Engagement 1027_WEBParks Engagement 1046_WEB

Fun fact this is actually Emily’s truck! Gorgeous girl loves working on it!

Parks Engagement 1377_WEBParks Engagement 1450_WEB

I mean if this doesn’t just scream American love to me…

Parks Engagement 1509_WEBParks Engagement 1531_WEBParks Engagement 1548_WEB


Parks Engagement 1102_WEBParks Engagement 1118_WEBParks Engagement 1142_WEBParks Engagement 1181_WEB

Will was such a gem!! He quickly realized I was constantly lying about “oh gosh just one more the light is so good!” 😉

Parks Engagement 1199_WEBParks Engagement 1249_WEBParks Engagement 1274_WEB

Congrats you two!

Parks Engagement 1331-Edit_WEB


Humphries Wedding⎜Highland VA Wedding Photographer

This sweet couple got to celebrate their love under the fall leaves at the Sir Izzak Walton. The sunshine was as abundant as the love in the air and even their dog, Puddin’ couldn’t help but smile as all eyes were on Michael and Ceara as they vowed to love each other forever.  I loved getting to document Michael and Ceara’s wedding day! Their families were so kind and welcoming– they just pulled me into the celebration of this kind couple with open arms. These two were a dream to work with! Enjoy my favorites of this beautiful fall wedding. Michael and Ceara– congratulations and thank you so much for entrusting me with such an important moment of you alls beautiful life together!!

Humphries Wedding 6820_WEB

All the pretty things please!

Humphries Wedding 6826_WEB

Humphries Wedding 7294_WEB

Humphries Wedding 6842_WEB

Stunning bride!! Loved her hair!

Humphries Wedding 6931_WEB

Handsome groom!

Humphries Wedding 7125_WEBHumphries Wedding 7132_WEB

Such a gorgeous day to get married!!

Humphries Wedding 7030_WEBHumphries Wedding 7053_WEB

Humphries Wedding 355_WEB

Humphries Wedding 592_WEB

Humphries Wedding 617_WEB

Humphries Wedding 768_WEB


Humphries Wedding 630_WEB

Humphries Wedding 1016_WEB

Humphries Wedding 4243_WEBHumphries Wedding 4340_WEB

Such a wonderful group of friends!

Humphries Wedding 4383_WEB

Humphries Wedding 262_WEBHumphries Wedding 298_WEBHumphries Wedding 309_WEBHumphries Wedding 402_WEBHumphries Wedding 408_WEB


Humphries Wedding 250_WEB

Humphries Wedding 660_WEB

Ceara, you are gorgeous girl!

Humphries Wedding 5124_WEBHumphries Wedding 5156_WEBHumphries Wedding 5187_WEB

So cute!

Humphries Wedding 626_WEB

Humphries Wedding 462_WEBHumphries Wedding 507_WEBHumphries Wedding 576_WEB

These two nailed every pose and we knocked out portraits in record time!

Humphries Wedding 30_WEBHumphries Wedding 52_WEB


Humphries Wedding 161_WEBHumphries Wedding 184_WEBHumphries Wedding 197_WEB

So in love!

Humphries Wedding 6482_WEB

Humphries Wedding 205_WEB

Beautiful couple!

Humphries Wedding 237_WEB


Humphries Wedding 6516_WEBHumphries Wedding 6561_WEB

Such cuties!

Humphries Wedding 4162_WEBHumphries Wedding 4168_WEBHumphries Wedding 4188_WEB

Michael and Ceara’s families came together and set up the most spectacular reception! A collaboration of love!

Humphries Wedding 5227_WEB

Humphries Wedding 7085_WEBHumphries Wedding 7088_WEB

Humphries Wedding 6702_WEBHumphries Wedding 6707_WEB

Humphries Wedding 7212_WEB

Humphries Wedding 7209_WEB

As a frequent customer, I freaked out in excitement when I heard Sweet Nana Cakes was doing the desserts!

Humphries Wedding 7224_WEB

Humphries Wedding 5286_WEBHumphries Wedding 5324_WEBHumphries Wedding 5411_WEBHumphries Wedding 5669_WEBHumphries Wedding 5917_WEB

Dress Designer  ⎜ David’s Bridal 

Florist  ⎜ Highland Mountain Flowers ⎜ Highland, VA

Coordinator  ⎜ Sugarbelle Events & Design

DJ  ⎜ Dave McCormick

Cake  ⎜ Sweet Nana Cakes ⎜ Staunton VA

Catering Meat  ⎜ Rock’s Money Pit

Bridesmaid’s Dresses  ⎜ Atom Attire from Etsy

Groomsmen & Groom  ⎜ Amanda’s Touch Bridal and Formal

The Coffey Family⎜Staunton VA Family Photographer

I seriously could have taken this beautiful family’s photos for days! They are just stunning!! Sweet Matt and Karissa are just delightful and so easy to talk with and the kiddos were so good! When I texted Karissa their photos were ready, I also blamed her for giving me wrinkles from smiling at my computer while I edited!

We snuck in some headshots for this wonderful wedding coordinator too! Almost every single one of my wedding clients and my own sister have used Karissa Coffey Events for their wedding coordination. This girl is just a gem I tell ya! She has the details down pat, spreadsheets, color-coded everything, vendor directions and organization… I can’t even list it all because even I can’t remember everything she covers that’s how amazing and essential she is to her client’s special day! An absolute must check into if you’re engaged!

Enjoy my favorites of this cute family…

Coffey Family 741_WEB

Coffey Family 728_WEB

Their son was such a cutie!!

Coffey Family 323_WEB

Coffey Family 302_WEBCoffey Family 359_WEBCoffey Family 364_WEB

Big sister Elliana was the absolute best!! She was so sweet and did amazing smiling!! I’ve never had it so easy photographing young kids!

Coffey Family 418_WEBCoffey Family 462_WEB

Stinking adorable parents!! Love these!

Coffey Family 473_WEBCoffey Family 493_WEB

Coffey Family 569_WEB

Coffey Family 975_WEB

Everything about the composition and family here has me sighing! Love!

Coffey Family 1033_WEB

Absolutely adorable!

Coffey Family 592_WEBCoffey Family 642_WEBCoffey Family 676_WEB

Coffey Family 167_WEB

This is one of my favorite photos to date!

Coffey Family 16_WEBCoffey Family 33_WEB

Love this!

Coffey Family 44_WEB

Oh my goodness– perfection! Sky, trees, pretty people?! Yes please!!

Coffey Family 95_WEB

Gorgeous. I love this because not only is this amazing mama stunning, but she’s hustling working hard with her small business, raising two kids, running the house, and supporting her farming husband who works all hours.

Coffey Family 246_WEB

Such darling kids

Coffey Family 902_WEBCoffey Family 912_WEBCoffey Family 967_WEB

Coffey Family 130_WEB

Obsessed and also I need to get new headshots desperately! It’s been years since I have– eek!

Coffey Family 198_WEBCoffey Family 215_WEBCoffey Family 268_WEB

Coffey Family 816_WEB


Coffey Family 828_WEBCoffey Family 872_WEB



Madi⎜Cape Charles Coast Senior Photography

I got to travel to Cape Charles with Madi, her Mom, family friends and my youngest, Abby. It was such a wonderful time to be blessed by these wonderful women’s friendship, company, and celebrate senior year of high school!! Madi was an absolute delight to get to know and I loved getting to know her Mom as well! Such gems those two! Enjoy my favorites of Madi, it was perfection to get to celebrate all her accomplishments up to this point with photos!

Madi & Andrea 4182_WEB

Madi & Andrea 2187_WEB


Madi & Andrea 2307_WEB

Madi & Andrea 3109_WEB

Madi & Andrea 5_WEB

I kept saying just one more (lies)!!! I could have taken pictures all day! Beautiful girl!

Madi & Andrea 2908_WEB

Madi & Andrea 1511_WEB

Absolutely stunning!!!

Madi & Andrea 1525_WEB

Madi & Andrea 1277_WEBMadi & Andrea 1325_WEB

So stinking cute!! Favorites!

Madi & Andrea 1423_WEBMadi & Andrea 1444_WEB

I loved that they got to do senior photos together!! I kept telling them how amazing they were– willing to try any pose in downtown with people out and about! Such amazing girls!

Madi & Andrea 1230_WEB

I couldn’t decide which one so heres both! love love love! So pretty!!

Madi & Andrea 3006_WEBMadi & Andrea 3190_WEB

Madi & Andrea 4259_WEB

Just lovely!

Madi & Andrea 3407_WEBMadi & Andrea 3440_WEB

Madi & Andrea 2821_WEB

Madi & Andrea 3686_WEB

Madi & Andrea 1625_WEBMadi & Andrea 1734_WEBMadi & Andrea 2118_WEB

Madi & Andrea 965_WEBMadi & Andrea 1037_WEBMadi & Andrea 1085_WEB

I couldn’t have done this in heels but I’m so glad she was able too! Gorgeous!

Madi & Andrea 1112_WEB

Madi & Andrea 2391_WEBMadi & Andrea 2565_WEBMadi & Andrea 2590_WEB

Such a beautiful day out!

Madi & Andrea 2675_WEBMadi & Andrea 2698_WEBMadi & Andrea 2798_WEB

Love these!

Madi & Andrea 3848_WEB

Madi & Andrea 154_WEBMadi & Andrea 181_WEB


Madi & Andrea 311_WEB

Madi & Andrea 754_WEB

Madi & Andrea 720_WEB

Andrea⎜Cape Charles Coast Senior Photography

I got to travel to Cape Charles with Andrea, her Mom, family friends and my youngest, Abby. It was such a wonderful time to be blessed by these wonderful women’s friendship, company, and celebrate senior year of high school!! Andrea has grown up coming to the coast so these photos are extra special for her as she has photos of herself in this very town in her baby stroller. Enjoy my favorites of this beautiful young lady!

Madi & Andrea 4381_WEB

Madi & Andrea 26_WEBMadi & Andrea 866_WEBMadi & Andrea 1010_WEB

Stunning girl! I took notes on curl maintenance for my daughter. Gorgeous!

Madi & Andrea 1209_WEB

Friendship is one of life’s most beautiful things

Madi & Andrea 1223_WEB

Madi & Andrea 1396_WEB

Madi & Andrea 1360_WEB

Love these two! Especially the right!

Madi & Andrea 1478_WEBMadi & Andrea 1560_WEB

Andrea you are gorgeous inside and out sweet girl!

Madi & Andrea 3038_WEBMadi & Andrea 3065_WEB


Madi & Andrea 3134_WEBMadi & Andrea 3158_WEBMadi & Andrea 3325_WEB

Ow ow!!

Madi & Andrea 3571_WEBMadi & Andrea 3600_WEB

Madi & Andrea 2061_WEBMadi & Andrea 2208_WEBMadi & Andrea 2219_WEB

Madi & Andrea 1748_WEB


Madi & Andrea 4210_WEBMadi & Andrea 4308_WEB

Madi & Andrea 2496_WEBMadi & Andrea 2532_WEBMadi & Andrea 2709_WEB

Madi & Andrea 3797_WEBMadi & Andrea 3966_WEB

Pretty girl!!

Madi & Andrea 3999_WEBMadi & Andrea 4097_WEB

The beach at sunset? Yes please!

Madi & Andrea 16_WEB

Madi & Andrea 21_WEB

Madi & Andrea 622_WEB

Madi & Andrea 383_WEB