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Cooper ⎜Virginia Newborn Photographer

This sweet 10 day old cutie gave me boy baby fever so bad!! He was just precious! Little Cooper was such a dream, he slept and curled into the cutest little bundle no mater which way we placed him. He was a absolute dream to photograph! His parents are so excited to welcome him to the world and couldn’t be happier to be holding their sweet boy finally. Jessica is just one of those Moms who is so warm and outgoing– instant friend! Seriously it was such a wonderful time getting to know her and her sweet family! Enjoy my favorites!

Cooper Newborn 30_WEB

These are some of my all time favorite pictures!!

Cooper Newborn 33_WEBCooper Newborn 142_WEBCooper Newborn 145_WEB

So peaceful

Cooper Newborn 167_WEBCooper Newborn 177_WEBCooper Newborn 191_WEBCooper Newborn 217_WEBCooper Newborn 335_WEBCooper Newborn 370_WEBCooper Newborn 388-Edit_WEBCooper Newborn 404_WEBCooper Newborn 475_WEB

Cooper Newborn 1264_WEB

Cooper Newborn 731_WEBCooper Newborn 815_WEBCooper Newborn 859_WEB

He looks content but he was secretly tricking us and then trying out his crawling/frog leaping skills too soon 🙂

Cooper Newborn 1001_WEB

Baby grins

Cooper Newborn 1022_WEBCooper Newborn 1030_WEBCooper Newborn 1145_WEBCooper Newborn 1183_WEBCooper Newborn 1211_WEBCooper Newborn 1315_WEBCooper Newborn 1334_WEBCooper Newborn 1359_WEBCooper Newborn 1374_WEBCooper Newborn 1440_WEB

Sweet little hands

Cooper Newborn 1496_WEBCooper Newborn 1514_WEBCooper Newborn 1568_WEBCooper Newborn 1590_WEB

Cooper Newborn 506_WEB

Adorable parents!

Cooper Newborn 518_WEBCooper Newborn 563_WEBCooper Newborn 572_WEB

Cooper Newborn 960_WEBCooper Newborn 981_WEB


Lilly Mae ⎜Virginia Newborn Photographer

I absolutely loved getting to take sweet Lilly Mae’s photos. Jennifer has been patiently getting through school, working, and waiting for her moment to be a Mommy and it is such a blessing to see her in this season of life. She and Travis welcomed their first child, Lilly, into the world and she is beyond cute! Little miss was all milk smiles and seriously calm/passed out the entire shoot. Such a dream to photograph! I got to use some new wraps and headbands and her parents brought some gorgeous things that made it so exciting! Enjoy my favorites of this sweet girl…

Lilly Newborn 61_WEB

Just adorable!

Lilly Newborn 103_WEBLilly Newborn 128_WEBLilly Newborn 145_WEB

She has the smoothest and flawless skin!

Lilly Newborn 181_WEBLilly Newborn 226_WEBLilly Newborn 261_WEBLilly Newborn 324_WEBLilly Newborn 374_WEB

I am so so obsessed with this outfit and sweet baby!

Lilly Newborn 392_WEB

That amazing friend Madelyn making some awesome baby props yet again!! The cutest bug ever

Lilly Newborn 437_WEBLilly Newborn 516_WEB

Jenn brought these lilies and it was so fitting!

Lilly Newborn 542_WEBLilly Newborn 618_WEBLilly Newborn 726_WEB

How awesome is this elephant gift they received?!

Lilly Newborn 798_WEBLilly Newborn 805_WEBLilly Newborn 1077_WEBLilly Newborn 1124_WEBLilly Newborn 1258_WEB

Sweet smiles

Lilly Newborn 1269_WEB

Austin ⎜Virginia Newborn Photographer

Sweet Austin was welcomed to the “A Team” by big brothers Andrew and Alex. Rachel and Ryan are beyond thrilled to welcome another little boy into their lives. So full of love! This little guy has one awesome family he is a part of– I’m so thankful for their friendship and can’t wait to see Austin come into his little personality!! He was a dream to photograph and my sweet friend Rachel helped me wrangle and distract Emma despite the fact that Austin was only a week old– Super Mom this girl! Enjoy my favorites of my dear friends newest love…

Austin Newborn 41_WEBAustin Newborn 120_WEB

So adorable and little!

Austin Newborn 147_WEBAustin Newborn 365_WEBAustin Newborn 479_WEBAustin Newborn 546_WEB

Austin gave me boy baby fever real bad! So stinking cute!

Austin Newborn 601_WEBAustin Newborn 700_WEBAustin Newborn 757_WEB

One of my favorites!

Austin Newborn 792_WEBAustin Newborn 850_WEBAustin Newborn 922_WEBAustin Newborn 981_WEB

Absolutely the sweetest little bear cub

Austin Newborn 999_WEBAustin Newborn 1009_WEBAustin Newborn 1084_WEBAustin Newborn 1098_WEB

Our talented friend Madelyn made this!!!

Austin Newborn 1138_WEB

Benny coaches soccer for Bridgewater and his boys are some of his favorite fans and cheerers for the team. No doubt Austin will be rushing the field before his parents can blink!

Austin Newborn 1145_WEB

Travis & Jennifer ⎜Virginia Maternity Photographer

This sweet couple will be welcoming their first child any day now!! Travis and Jennifer are so excited to welcome little Lilly into the world and cannot wait to meet her. We decided to go through with maternity photos even though it was calling for snow and I’m so glad we did! It was absolutely freezing and they were such good sports to capture these adorable photos of their baby bump! I was telling them they can show their daughter these photos in Mommy’s belly and that she was out and about in the snow before she was even born 🙂 I’m hoping the best of deliveries for my sweet friend Jenn and can’t wait to meet this little girl!

Jennifer & Travis Maternity 968_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 982_WEB

Gorgeous mama!!

Jennifer & Travis Maternity 1021_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 1034_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 1054_WEB

I love how the snow makes everything pop

Jennifer & Travis Maternity 1058_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 1083_WEB

Jennifer & Travis Maternity 19_WEB

Love this! Travis is such a great support system for Jennifer– she’s been working, finishing her nursing degree, and pregnant!!

Jennifer & Travis Maternity 29_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 61_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 90_WEB

One of my favorites!

Jennifer & Travis Maternity 139_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 148_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 159_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 209_WEB

I love how round her bump is!

Jennifer & Travis Maternity 216_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 255_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 284_WEB

Little one is so loved already

Jennifer & Travis Maternity 296_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 300_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 338_WEB


Jennifer & Travis Maternity 362_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 409_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 444_WEB

Seriously Jenn you are stunning!!

Jennifer & Travis Maternity 466_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 470_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 482_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 562_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 622_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 629_WEB

I really am hoping to get more snow photos this year after these! So pretty!

Jennifer & Travis Maternity 655_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 692_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 716_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 731_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 812_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 831_WEBJennifer & Travis Maternity 954_WEB


Shafer Cousins ⎜Virginia Newborn Photographer

TWO babies!! I was so excited to meet these adorable boys! Weston and Bryce are so stinking cute and I can’t even tell you how well they did!!! I try to do newborns in that first week since they’re sleepier and easier to photograph– well these boys just rocked it. They were so calm, didn’t cry and didn’t mind being put in a million different bowls and baskets. Such sweet babies. Jessica and Bryan are thrilled to have their two sweet under twos and baby Bryce couldn’t be more loved by Waylon! Mark and Laura are loving becoming parents to Weston and settling into their new trio just perfectly! Enjoy my favorites of these cute boys…Shafer Newborn 110_WEB

Happy boy!

Shafer Newborn 110_WEBShafer Newborn 124_WEBShafer Newborn 180_WEB

Shafer Newborn 213_WEBShafer Newborn 245_WEB

So sweet!

Shafer Newborn 329_WEB

Sweet big brother Waylon was so much fun!! He and my daughter are the same age and it’s always the best being able to catch up with Jessica and talk toddler chaos 🙂

Shafer Newborn 416_WEBShafer Newborn 467_WEBShafer Newborn 506_WEBShafer Newborn 558_WEB

Cutest owls you ever did see!

Shafer Newborn 578_WEBShafer Newborn 649_WEBShafer Newborn 723_WEBShafer Newborn 798_WEB

Mrs Shafer always brings the BEST props with her for her grand babies! Love this!

Shafer Newborn 818_WEBShafer Newborn 857_WEB

Shafer Newborn 1185_WEB

Shafer Newborn 1020_WEBShafer Newborn 1141_WEBShafer Newborn 1193_WEBShafer Newborn 1255_WEBShafer Newborn 1303_WEB

Doesn’t baby Weston have the most gorgeous and expressive eyes?!

Shafer Newborn 1334_WEB

Sweet boys! Seriously easiest one and two month old to photograph to date. Such gems!

Shafer Newborn 1363_WEBShafer Newborn 1382_WEBShafer Newborn 1491_WEBShafer Newborn 1541_WEBShafer Newborn 1624_WEB

Shafer Newborn 945_WEB

Shafer Newborn 1768_WEBShafer Newborn 1783_WEBShafer Newborn 1831_WEBShafer Newborn 1947_WEB