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Burton Family ⎜Staunton VA Family Photographer

I have been meaning to do this with my own family!! I’m so glad the Burton’s took time to get a large family photo and document where everyone is in life now! It’s so sweet to see the babies so close in age and all smiley at each other! Double cousin trouble 🙂 Enjoy my favorites of this sweet family…

Burton Family 1614_WEB

So cute!

Burton Family 1660_WEB

Burton Family 82_WEB

Love this!

Burton Family 1193_WEBBurton Family 1257_WEB

One good looking family 🙂

Burton Family 1314_WEBBurton Family 1457_WEBBurton Family 1520_WEB

I hadn’t seen Ben since high school and now he has a gorgeous wife and two kids!! Loved getting to meet his sweet family!

Burton Family 112_WEBBurton Family 130_WEBBurton Family 217_WEB

Aren’t those boys just precious?!

Burton Family 342_WEBBurton Family 391_WEB

Sweet Valerie and Charlie’s babe is already a year!!! Time flies!

Burton Family 425_WEB

Burton Family 737_WEB

Burton Family 464_WEBBurton Family 551_WEBBurton Family 572_WEBBurton Family 759_WEBBurton Family 820_WEBBurton Family 915_WEBBurton Family 1059_WEB

Look closely baby Max is so excited!


Burton Family 1800_WEB


Conner One Year ⎜Staunton VA Family Photographer

Sweet Conner is an entire year old!! I did this adorable cuties newborns and couldn’t get over his hair– I still can’t. I’ve loved seeing Conner grow and hit milestones through his Mama’s photos, but was still shocked when Laura said it was time for Conner’s first birthday! Flew by! Enjoy my favorites of Laura and Anthony’s sweet boy!

Conner 1 yr 5011_WEB

Adorable family!

Conner 1 yr 5117_WEBConner 1 yr 5221_WEBConner 1 yr 5231_WEB

Love this! Such cute parents!

Conner 1 yr 5245_WEBConner 1 yr 5330_WEBConner 1 yr 5458_WEB

So happy!

Conner 1 yr 3773_WEBConner 1 yr 3842_WEB

Conner 1 yr 3951_WEB

Love the idea to do the photo within a photo!

Conner 1 yr 5818_WEBConner 1 yr 5993_WEB

They had the best decorations and outfit for baby!!!

Conner 1 yr 4048_WEBConner 1 yr 4099_WEBConner 1 yr 4170_WEB

How stinking adorable is all this theme?!!

Conner 1 yr 4278_WEBConner 1 yr 4381_WEBConner 1 yr 4408_WEBConner 1 yr 4473_WEBConner 1 yr 4587_WEB


Morris Wedding⎜The Barn at Walnut Grove ⎜Harrisonburg Elkton VA Photographer

It all began with a young senior and an older freshman as the groom says 🙂 This sweet couple has been through ups and downs of high school, dating, parenting, and now they get to enjoy their greatest journey yet together as husband and wife!! So thrilled for them! The rain held off for Chad and Daniela’s beautiful wedding day and they were able to say their vows in front of friends and family under the gorgeous blue sky. Everyone danced the night away and laughed to the celebration of Danni and Chad’s love…

Wedding Morris 1925_WEBWedding Morris 1961_WEBWedding Morris 2006_WEB

RS Morris Wedding 2433_WEB

Wedding Morris 2031_WEB

Wedding Morris 2715_WEBWedding Morris 2971_WEB

RS Morris Wedding 2784_WEB

RS Morris Wedding 2210_WEBRS Morris Wedding 2242_WEB

Danni you are stunning girl!

Wedding Morris 99_WEBWedding Morris 110_WEB

Gorgeous bride

Wedding Morris 132_WEBWedding Morris 162_WEBWedding Morris 195_WEB

Wedding Morris 367_WEBWedding Morris 369_WEB

Beautiful girls!

Wedding Morris 605_WEBWedding Morris 683_WEB

Looking sharp Chad!

Wedding Morris 2115_WEBWedding Morris 2264_WEBWedding Morris 2382_WEBWedding Morris 2458_WEB

Such a fun group of guys!

Wedding Morris 2543_WEB

RS Morris Wedding 2293_WEB

A huge thanks to Robin Skievaski Photography for helping capture the day!

RS Morris Wedding 2857_WEBRS Morris Wedding 2903_WEB

Wedding Morris 1100_WEB

RS Morris Wedding 2990_WEB

Morris Wed -929_WEBMorris Wed -1009_WEB

Morris Wed -997_WEB


Wedding Morris 3439_WEBWedding Morris 3452_WEBWedding Morris 3486_WEBWedding Morris 3547_WEB

Sweet Isiah had a fever and was sick on the wedding day, but perked up to dance with Mom and Dad later 🙂

Wedding Morris 3552_WEB

Wedding Morris 3418_WEB

Morris Wedding 32_WEB

Oh these two!! I could’ve taken their pictures all day– Southern Weddings I tell ya!

Morris Wedding 52_WEB

Wedding Morris 744_WEB

Morris Wedding 66_WEB

Morris Wedding 7512_WEBMorris Wedding 7662_WEB

Wonderful friends and family that helped make their day perfect

Morris Wedding 137_WEBMorris Wedding 194_WEBMorris Wedding 242_WEB

The reception was just lovely!

Wedding Morris 849_WEB

RS Morris Wedding 3284_WEB

Wedding Morris 1291_WEB

Morris Wedding 7701_WEB

RS Morris Wedding 3327_WEB

Wedding Morris 1325_WEB

Epic speech!

Wedding Morris 1547_WEB

RS Morris Wedding 3341_WEBRS Morris Wedding 3430_WEB

Some sunset pictures that are my favorites from the day!

Morris Wedding 308-2_WEBMorris Wedding 315-2_WEB

Morris Wedding 431_WEB

Morris Wedding 340_WEBMorris Wedding 369_WEB

So much fun!

Morris Wedding 471-2_WEBMorris Wedding 642_WEB

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your gorgeous day!!

Morris Wedding 455_WEB

Ceremony & Reception ⎜The Barn at Walnut Grove

Dress ⎜Celebration Bridal 

Florals ⎜Southern Accents ⎜Stanley VA

Coordinator ⎜Nicole Dovel

DJ ⎜Timothy Good

Cupcakes ⎜Bazzle’s Bakery

Catering ⎜Hank’s Grille & Bar

Bridesmaids Dresses ⎜The Union Station

Groom & Groomsemen Attire  ⎜Classic Tuxedos

Second Shooter ⎜Robin

Kester Family⎜Staunton VA Photographer

A huge thanks to Barren Ridge for having us out for photos! I love the families I get to meet through this small business! I’ve been blessed to photograph the Kester Family since little Titus was born and now Josiah is ONE!! We combined a family shoot with little brother getting some special center of attention 🙂 Enjoy my favorites of this beautiful family…

2017 Kester Family 109_WEB2017 Kester Family 186_WEB

So sweet! I love hearing about all the changes Andy and Ashleigh have gone through the last couple years– kids and a move! It’s always fun getting to bounce life with similar age kiddos stories

2017 Kester Family 208_WEB2017 Kester Family 367_WEB

Kester Family 4289_WEBKester Family 4406_WEB

The day was overcast and cool which was fabulous! The rain held off for minutes so we could get these in

Kester Family 4434_WEBKester Family 4484_WEBKester Family 4540_WEBKester Family 4601_WEBKester Family 4964_WEBKester Family 5070_WEBKester Family 5204_WEBKester Family 5285_WEB

So stinking cute

Kester Family 5377_WEBKester Family 5510_WEB

We’ll end with a couple Josiah because he’s just so cute and little!

Kester Family 3969_WEBKester Family 4032_WEBKester Family 4108_WEBKester Family 4233_WEB

McDonald Family⎜Harrisonburg VA Photographer

I tried to find just the right quote about family importance to put in this post. I saw lots of good ones about giving children roots and wings, the joys and hugs, how family is what you come back to always–but, I couldn’t find the exact quote I wanted to use to try and put words on what this sweet family shares. In just spending an hour bugging them for smiles and photos I got a small sense of their openness and their tightknitedness (probably a word right?!) as a family. It’s just a beautiful thing to see especially in this day and age..

2017 McDonald Family-49_WEB

2017 McDonald Family-3_WEB2017 McDonald Family-6_WEB2017 McDonald Family-27_WEB2017 McDonald Family-33_WEB2017 McDonald Family-62_WEB

Such a sweet and welcoming family! The kids were awesome showing me around and finding shaded places for us!

2017 McDonald Family-239_WEB2017 McDonald Family-245_WEB

Beautiful ladies!

2017 McDonald Family-254_WEB

Oh these two! It was so wonderful meeting Kelly after hearing such wonderful things about him at work. They’re such a wonderful support and cheerleader for each other!

McDonald 1027_WEBMcDonald 1047_WEB

Love this!

McDonald 2003_WEBMcDonald 2032_WEBMcDonald 2058_WEBMcDonald 2088_WEBMcDonald 2120_WEB

McDonald 1511_WEB

What a good looking family Mom and Dad have!

McDonald 1530_WEBMcDonald 1628_WEB

Beautiful Tammie inside and out! So blessed to know and learn from her 🙂

McDonald 1647_WEBMcDonald 1666_WEB

McDonald 1444_WEB

Some of my favorites!

McDonald 1449_WEBMcDonald 1480_WEB

McDonald 1706_WEBMcDonald 1757_WEBMcDonald 1835_WEBMcDonald 1853_WEB

Tall made even taller!

McDonald 1147_WEB

McDonald 1409_WEBMcDonald 1435_WEB

Another year of school just around the corner

McDonald 1909_WEB

Elsje does international dog competitions and I loved getting to meet the sweet pups! Those soft ears!

McDonald 1209_WEBMcDonald 1250_WEBMcDonald 1317_WEBMcDonald 1358_WEBMcDonald 1374_WEBMcDonald 1379_WEB