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Deacon One Year ⎜Virginia Child Photographer

I met Courtney through the wonderful world of nursing friends– they’re just the best and so is this sweet Mama! We did their sweet son Deacon’s first year pictures at their house which was so gorgeous and such a laid back atmosphere for baby. Deacon was adorable and I loved the props they had!! The family dog Murph was great entertainment and smiles for Deacon… Their dog is so stinking cute and soft– I seriously thought about packing him up in my photo bags! Enjoy my favorites of this sweet family…

Deacon 1141_WEB

That cute little smile!

Deacon 1159_WEB

Houser 333_WEBHouser 362_WEB

So cute!

Houser 382_WEBHouser 416_WEB

Deacon 1243_WEBDeacon 1247_WEB

Loved the ONE Courtney had! So cute!!

Deacon 1315_WEBDeacon 1352_WEBHouser 161_WEB

Cute little farm baby!

Houser 238_WEBHouser 246_WEB

Such a wonderful family!

Houser 181_WEB

Yep that dog is so soft and fluffy I needed it… my dogs would be appalled I’m even thinking that!

Houser 200_WEB

Houser 299_WEB


Jackson ⎜Virginia Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Jackson is here!! Josh and Jessica were so excited to meet this little man and their families were too! Not only their families, but then friends, Josh’s coworkers and all of us that work with Jess– little Jackson would be held 24/7 if they’d let us! I absolutely loved taking photos of this little guy! He was hands down the happiest newborn I’ve ever met. For.Real. He kept busting these grins out nonstop in his milk coma sleep and it was seriously the cutest thing ever! Couldn’t have asked for a more photogenic baby!

Pultz newborn 130_WEB

I posted the fox ones first because this one is my favorite shot from the day:)

Pultz newborn 192_WEBPultz newborn 324_WEBPultz newborn 460_WEBPultz newborn 519_WEBPultz newborn 676_WEBPultz newborn 706_WEB

Oh sweet peaceful boy. How your parents love you.

Pultz newborn 735_WEBPultz newborn 738_WEB

Listen I wasn’t joking he was the perfect smiling baby model!!!

Pultz newborn 785_WEB

Pultz newborn 73_WEB

Pultz newborn 1703_WEB

This bowtie Jess brought was so dapper– love it!

Pultz newborn 1726_WEBPultz newborn 1773_WEBPultz newborn 1872_WEBPultz newborn 1894_WEB

Pultz newborn 858_WEB

The photo on the right is also my favorite from the shoot– so much love!!

Pultz newborn 871_WEBPultz newborn 887_WEB

Oh sweet mama! I adore Jess. Her friendship was the only thing that kept me sane in nursing school!

Pultz newborn 957_WEBPultz newborn 991_WEB

Could just eat him up! So cute

Pultz newborn 1040_WEBPultz newborn 1047_WEBPultz newborn 1074_WEBPultz newborn 1161_WEB

I pretty much died when Dad got out this amazingly huge, spanking clean tire for his little man.. perfect!

Pultz newborn 1175_WEBPultz newborn 1206_WEBPultz newborn 1235_WEB

Owen ⎜Virginia Newborn Photographer

I absolutely adore this sweet family!! I’ve grown up with Meghan, she’s my cousin closest in age and her friendship has been such a blessing my entire life! Grant feels like he’s been in the family almost as long at this point– they are college sweethearts. These two are parents and it is SO exciting!! Their dogs love him to pieces and so do his Mommy and Daddy. Baby Owen is so darn handsome and with all the baby hogs in our family, he’s at risk for never having a moment to himself! Enjoy my favorites of this sweet boy!

Shaddix newborn 2642_WEB

So darn adorable!!!

Shaddix newborn 2717_WEB

Little baby grins!

Shaddix newborn 137_WEBShaddix newborn 229_WEBShaddix newborn 231_WEBShaddix newborn 2463_WEBShaddix newborn 2519_WEB

Mr Fox

Shaddix newborn 2543_WEBShaddix newborn 2570_WEBShaddix newborn 2582_WEBShaddix newborn 2595_WEB

Shaddix newborn 25_WEB

Such a gorgeous Mama. The love for her son…

Shaddix newborn 377_WEB

Shaddix newborn 319_WEB

Shaddix newborn 2752_WEBShaddix newborn 2769_WEB

Jennifer & Travis ⎜Virginia Family Photographer

I am so excited for my sweet friend Jenn and her husband, Travis! They are such a wonderful couple and have so much love for one another!! I got to be part of an exciting secret so they could have these adorable pictures to tell their parents! Enjoy my favorites, Jenn had such great ideas!


So sweet!


Oh this cute couple!


Ben & Kristen ⎜Omni Homestead Resort ⎜ Virginia Wedding Photographer

Kristen and Ben said I do surrounded by the mountains and sunshine at the beautiful Homestead Resort. This couple is so kind and their love for one another is so clear. Watching them mingling with friends and family during their cocktail hour and reception hand in hand with excitement just radiating from them was adorable. They are so excited to be married and their beautiful day was just perfect. Enjoy my favorites of this handsome couple…

Home place wed2194_WEB

Kristen was such a stunning bride!!

Home place wed2272_WEBHome place wed2299_WEBHome place wed2313_WEBHome place wed2337_WEBHome place wed2368_WEB

Absolutely breathtaking..

Home place wed2376_WEBHome place wed2416_WEBHome place wed2452_WEBHome place wed2477_WEBHome place wed2493_WEB

The men!

Home Place Wedding832_WEBHome Place Wedding858_WEBHome Place Wedding879_WEBHome Place Wedding1083_WEBHome Place Wedding1088_WEB

The groom was looking sharp!

Home Place Wedding1144_WEBHome Place Wedding1168_WEBHome Place Wedding1214_WEB

Such a gorgeous ceremony!

Home Place Wedding1224_WEBHome Place Wedding1239_WEBHome Place Wedding1250_WEBHome Place Wedding1279_WEBHome Place Wedding1302_WEBHome Place Wedding1500_WEB

Kristen arrived with her Dad in a horse drawn carriage and it made me want to get married all over again!

Home Place Wedding1539_WEBHome Place Wedding1561_WEB

Home place wed2537_WEB

Home place wed2518_WEBHome place wed2555_WEB

Seriously! How sweet is Kristen’s smile?!!

Home place wed2598_WEB

Home place wed2763_WEB

Home place wed2724_WEBHome place wed2787_WEB

The fabulous Rachel Dean in action! I am so thankful for her picking me to second shoot for her!

Home Place Wedding1687_WEB

Clark Wedding 612_WEB

Such a wonderful group of friends!!

Clark Wedding 644_WEBClark Wedding 800_WEBClark Wedding 802_WEBClark Wedding 832_WEB

We knocked these portraits out so quickly because of the heat and the couple were seriously rock stars!

Clark Wedding 27_WEBClark Wedding 40_WEB


Clark Wedding 50_WEBClark Wedding 67_WEB

Clark Wedding 89_WEB

Clark Wedding 858_WEB

Off to the reception

Clark Wed-4455_WEB

Clark Wedding 98_WEB

Clark Wedding 141_WEB

My jaw dropped. For real. I’ve never photographed a nicer wedding!

Clark Wedding 171_WEBClark Wedding 172_WEBClark Wedding 181_WEBClark Wedding 187_WEBClark Wedding 470_WEB

Love this!

Clark Wedding 483_WEB

Clark Wed-4446_WEB

Clark Wed-4457_WEB