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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Tis the Season

Sit down and enjoy looking through the most recent posts I’ve done with a cup of coffee. Mine will be extra sugaryView full post »

Hannah & Sean ⎜ Engaged ⎜ Staunton, VA Photographer

There are so many ways I can introduce a post. Sometimes I’ll set the scene for you like this, other times I’ll tellView full post »

Happy Be-lated Thanksgiving!

Yesterday was a wonderful day to relax with the family. Enjoying life’s many blessings. God is good. Enjoy theseView full post »

Hannah & Sean ⎜ Staunton, VA Photographer

I loved spending the afternoon with Hannah and Sean! They are an incredible couple whose love for each other is evidentView full post »

Baby Glady Belle ⎜ Staunton, VA Photographer

I have been sitting on these for embarrassingly a little over a month. Sitting on them like a hen. Correction. A chickenView full post »

Preston & Carter ⎜ Bridgewater, VA Photographer

He’s a US Marine. She’s his sweetheart back home. It was back home that their proposal happened as a matter of factView full post »

Gardner Family ⎜ Bridgewater, VA Photographer

Shooting a large group presents a lot of challenges. Getting lighting right on more than even 5 people is crazy- theyView full post »

Crazy little thing called life…

… as a student again that is! I’ve got a million and two things going on these days and unfortunately itView full post »

Lindsey & Chris ⎜ Weyers Cave, VA Photographer

Let me start with a huge thank you to Mae & Stanley who let us utilize their gorgeous property for a session. TheView full post »

Gardner Family ⎜ Churchville, VA Photographer

I don’t even know how to introduce this family. There is just too much to say. I still remember meeting them almost 3View full post »

Sneak Peak

Finishing up the last of the Gardner Family session. Check back in soon to see more images!View full post »

Jenkins Family ⎜ Shenandoah, VA Photographer

We all have Aunts and Uncles who make us feel special and loved. I got blessed with lots of them! Each one has a way ofView full post »

The Mystery Woman ⎜ Second Shooting

A second shooter. I remember reading that in a blog post and going what the heck is that? Is it camera lingo? A part IView full post »

Sneak Peak ⎜Thanks

First let me start with thank you. To you! The readers of the blog and the clients who check in for their images. IView full post »

Nick & Sarah ⎜ Churchville, VA Photographer

Congratulations to two amazing people who make an extraordinary couple!! Today an entire half-year of marriage hasView full post »