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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Hokies ⎜ Gardner Family ⎜ Bridgewater, VA Photographer

i loVe iT Some VT Hokie fans that is! The Garnder family was on the blog last month with a large family portrait sessionView full post »

Merry Christmas 2010!!

This post was meant to go up Christmas Eve or Christmas day, but as you can see I’m a little late getting thisView full post »

Spreading the Holiday Cheer

My Mom asked me to bring my camera to church so someone could take a picture of us to send out. Embarrassing!! BecauseView full post »

Falalala lala la

Yes I sang this to try to get just the right number of “la’s” Christmas time! It’s here! IView full post »

Four Generations ⎜ Staunton, VA Photographer

This was a really special four generation picture because it was on horseback! I just cannot get over how incrediblyView full post »

Finals Humor

My cute little sister I introduced you to yesterday? I didn’t mention she’s an English major. I wanted toView full post »

Katie Beth ⎜ Staunton, VA Photographer

Curious as to who was holding that pinecone in the sneak peak? Well surprise, it was my sister! When Katie was home overView full post »

DIY ⎜ Brides Gift Ideas

Within 2 weeks I had 3 friends getting married or having showers, May was full of flowers (yes, I did add that inView full post »

Sneak Peak ⎜SR loves outdoors

Who could it be? More pictures to come this weekend!View full post »

It’s the busiest time of year…

…It’s also the best time of year! I feel kind of dramatic to use the phrase “it was the best of timesView full post »

DIY Cards ⎜ Inspiration

With all the cards that are starting to go out, I thought it would be a good time to share some DIY inspiration. All theView full post »

I heart seasonal goodies

Seasonal foods. I just can’t get enough of them!! I LOVE snow cones, cider, peppermint drinks, chocolate EasterView full post »

Jennings ⎜ Staunton, VA Photographer

So I’ll be perfectly honest I felt a little frazzled trying to maintain the whole “professional photographerView full post »

Cutie Pie Sneak Peak

I promised a post for Thursday and I just looked at the time! 12:36. Whoops! So here’s a Friday post to end whatView full post »