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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Sullivan Machining

Just wanted to share this great gift idea! This beautiful monogrammed metal art was displayed at Nick and Sarah’sView full post »

Snow Day

We photographers can be real fancy… the following were taking out the window. With a 3 megapixel crappy phone. But theView full post »

My true colors…

So this is not my usual post. At all. So if you’re new to the blog here’s what I want you to do- don’tView full post »

Francie Fay Part 2 ⎜ Staunton, VA Photographer

Well if you didn’t get enough of Callee’s cute baby, good news is this is part 2! I couldn’t overwhelm you withView full post »

Francie Fay ⎜ Newborn Photographer

Getting back in the swing of school has been beyond crazy. I thought I would be able to handle it easier after gettingView full post »

Sweet, little beautiful, wonderful…

…perfect all-American girl! Well she’s a little young for Carrie Underwood, but she is definitely the sweetest,View full post »

Sisters ⎜ Staunton, VA Photographer

I loved shooting these sisters this winter. Kristen and I have been great friends since, well I’m not really sure,View full post »

All Access Pass…

…to the behind the scenes editing of Sterling Reflections! I just wanted to share a little of what I do with imagesView full post »

Happy Anniversary ⎜ Grace & Joe

I cannot believe my cousin has been married a year!!! Time really does fly! Congratulations to Grace and Joe with theirView full post »

Inspiration ⎜ Williamsburg, VA Photographer

We met up with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins to walk Colonial Williamsburg and the outlets a couple weekends ago. TheView full post »

Ivy ⎜ Lexington, VA Photographer

I was so nervous to meet Ivy and her Mom, Brandi, at McCormick Mills. I had never met them before and I was anxious atView full post »

New! Brand Spankin’ New!

Photography and my business is something I have to constantly be investing, improving, and rethinking. This is a veryView full post »

Life Update!

Today has been the kind of day that just lingers in a good kinda way. I taught a Sunday school class for kids K-5 withView full post »

Happy New Years!!

Happy New Years to each of you! There is so much happening with myself and Sterling Reflections! Thank you to everyoneView full post »