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Monthly Archives: October 2011

My latest obsession

I love pinterest!! I’m completely obsessed. Dangerously so. Like waste probably 2 hours average a day the past 3View full post »

Adelyn ⎜ 7 weeks ⎜ Staunton, VA Photographer

I’ve had the opportunity to introduce the Nycum family to you all before. As a couple starting their life togetherView full post »

DIY Engagement Props ⎜ Rustic Country Ideas

I’m planning on getting the wedding started on this weekend, we have tons to do! To kick it off I thought I’View full post »

Brett⎜Sneak Peak

Later in the week we’ll be seeing more of this cool senior!View full post »

Adelyn Jess ⎜ Newborn Portraits ⎜ Harrisonburg, VA Photographer

I loved shooting this sweet, tiny little girl!! Babies are the best. I love meeting and photographing babies, getting toView full post »


Get excited! LOTS of this little girl tomorrow- and why not tonight and yet another sneak peak you ask? Ah the life of aView full post »

Adelyn Jess ⎜ Sneak Peak

More of this sweet little girl soon!!View full post »

Happy Birthday Love

Hunter, Somewhere along the way you’ve become an integral part of my life. I can’t imagine a day without you in it.View full post »

DIY Engagement Props ⎜ Rustic Country Ideas

Mmk so I was planning on showing everything at once, but this will do for tonight!! We’ve all had those nightsView full post »

Adelyn Bren ⎜ Part 2 Newborn ⎜ Staunton, VA Photographer

Lucky for everyone Part 2 is coming early! I realized I wouldn’t be home till late so I caved and quit holding outView full post »

Adelyn Bren ⎜ Newborn Photographer ⎜ Staunton, VA

Oh baby Adelyn. If I could only explain to this little girl how loved she is. That’s the beauty of being a childView full post »

Better than winning the lottery

I first heard of Katelyn James when I was in college and she was just starting out. My roommate Ashley quickly had meView full post »