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Andrea⎜Cape Charles Coast Senior Photography

I got to travel to Cape Charles with Andrea, her Mom, family friends and my youngest, Abby. It was such a wonderful time to be blessed by these wonderful women’s friendship, company, and celebrate senior year of high school!! Andrea has grown up coming to the coast so these photos are extra special for her as she has photos of herself in this very town in her baby stroller. Enjoy my favorites of this beautiful young lady!

Madi & Andrea 4381_WEB

Madi & Andrea 26_WEBMadi & Andrea 866_WEBMadi & Andrea 1010_WEB

Stunning girl! I took notes on curl maintenance for my daughter. Gorgeous!

Madi & Andrea 1209_WEB

Friendship is one of life’s most beautiful things

Madi & Andrea 1223_WEB

Madi & Andrea 1396_WEB

Madi & Andrea 1360_WEB

Love these two! Especially the right!

Madi & Andrea 1478_WEBMadi & Andrea 1560_WEB

Andrea you are gorgeous inside and out sweet girl!

Madi & Andrea 3038_WEBMadi & Andrea 3065_WEB


Madi & Andrea 3134_WEBMadi & Andrea 3158_WEBMadi & Andrea 3325_WEB

Ow ow!!

Madi & Andrea 3571_WEBMadi & Andrea 3600_WEB

Madi & Andrea 2061_WEBMadi & Andrea 2208_WEBMadi & Andrea 2219_WEB

Madi & Andrea 1748_WEB


Madi & Andrea 4210_WEBMadi & Andrea 4308_WEB

Madi & Andrea 2496_WEBMadi & Andrea 2532_WEBMadi & Andrea 2709_WEB

Madi & Andrea 3797_WEBMadi & Andrea 3966_WEB

Pretty girl!!

Madi & Andrea 3999_WEBMadi & Andrea 4097_WEB

The beach at sunset? Yes please!

Madi & Andrea 16_WEB

Madi & Andrea 21_WEB

Madi & Andrea 622_WEB

Madi & Andrea 383_WEB

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