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Austin & Callie⎜Harrisonburg VA Photographer

I loved getting to meet Austin and Callie! They are so incredibly sweet and their love for one another and the Lord just shines through in all our conversations! It was a gorgeous evening to walk around Bridgewater and visit all the places they would go in college to spend time together and get to know each other… their love story unfolded ever so sweetly. Austin and Callie are less than a year away from saying I do and I couldn’t be happier for them! Enjoy my favorites of this delightful couple!!

White Engaged 3055_WEB

Austin made this for the proposal! Wowsers!

White Engaged-1060_WEB

White Engaged-1035_WEBWhite Engaged-1050_WEBWhite Engaged-1059_WEB

2017 White engaged-34_WEB2017 White engaged-41_WEB

These two just rocked their engagement photos! Wedding day photos here we come!!

2017 White engaged-46_WEB2017 White engaged-55_WEB

Such cuties!

White Engaged 2585_WEBWhite Engaged 2587_WEBWhite Engaged 2627_WEBWhite Engaged 2713_WEB

Bridgewater treated us well!

White Engaged 2661_WEB

2017 White engaged-16_WEB

White Engaged 2764_WEB

Love this!

White Engaged 2875_WEBWhite Engaged 2911_WEB

I just loved all the genuine smiles and laughs of the day!

White Engaged 2915_WEBWhite Engaged 2980_WEBWhite Engaged 3023_WEB

So sweet!

White Engaged 3052_WEB

Downtown treated us really well too!

White Engaged 3058_WEBWhite Engaged 3067_WEB

White Engaged199_WEBWhite Engaged215_WEB

So many favorites from the day! They were so photogenic!

White Engaged226_WEBWhite Engaged236_WEBWhite Engaged246_WEBWhite Engaged256_WEBWhite Engaged265_WEBWhite Engaged357_WEB

Such a handsome couple!

White Engaged575_WEBWhite Engaged607_WEB

Poor Austin, I kept trying to rearrange him for this “snuggle” and then realized he looked better doing it on his own before I started messing with it!

White Engaged625_WEB

Oh these two!

White Engaged18_WEBWhite Engaged51_WEBWhite Engaged155_WEB

White Engaged658_WEBWhite Engaged668_WEB

All that love on the left image

White Engaged683_WEB

Ending the session with where it all began dating 🙂

White Engaged767_WEBWhite Engaged803_WEB

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