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Madi⎜Cape Charles Coast Senior Photography

I got to travel to Cape Charles with Madi, her Mom, family friends and my youngest, Abby. It was such a wonderful time to be blessed by these wonderful women’s friendship, company, and celebrate senior year of high school!! Madi was an absolute delight to get to know and I loved getting to know her Mom as well! Such gems those two! Enjoy my favorites of Madi, it was perfection to get to celebrate all her accomplishments up to this point with photos!

Madi & Andrea 4182_WEB

Madi & Andrea 2187_WEB


Madi & Andrea 2307_WEB

Madi & Andrea 3109_WEB

Madi & Andrea 5_WEB

I kept saying just one more (lies)!!! I could have taken pictures all day! Beautiful girl!

Madi & Andrea 2908_WEB

Madi & Andrea 1511_WEB

Absolutely stunning!!!

Madi & Andrea 1525_WEB

Madi & Andrea 1277_WEBMadi & Andrea 1325_WEB

So stinking cute!! Favorites!

Madi & Andrea 1423_WEBMadi & Andrea 1444_WEB

I loved that they got to do senior photos together!! I kept telling them how amazing they were– willing to try any pose in downtown with people out and about! Such amazing girls!

Madi & Andrea 1230_WEB

I couldn’t decide which one so heres both! love love love! So pretty!!

Madi & Andrea 3006_WEBMadi & Andrea 3190_WEB

Madi & Andrea 4259_WEB

Just lovely!

Madi & Andrea 3407_WEBMadi & Andrea 3440_WEB

Madi & Andrea 2821_WEB

Madi & Andrea 3686_WEB

Madi & Andrea 1625_WEBMadi & Andrea 1734_WEBMadi & Andrea 2118_WEB

Madi & Andrea 965_WEBMadi & Andrea 1037_WEBMadi & Andrea 1085_WEB

I couldn’t have done this in heels but I’m so glad she was able too! Gorgeous!

Madi & Andrea 1112_WEB

Madi & Andrea 2391_WEBMadi & Andrea 2565_WEBMadi & Andrea 2590_WEB

Such a beautiful day out!

Madi & Andrea 2675_WEBMadi & Andrea 2698_WEBMadi & Andrea 2798_WEB

Love these!

Madi & Andrea 3848_WEB

Madi & Andrea 154_WEBMadi & Andrea 181_WEB


Madi & Andrea 311_WEB

Madi & Andrea 754_WEB

Madi & Andrea 720_WEB

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