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Morgan—Senior Photos—Stuarts Draft VA Photographer

Oh my goodness! Where to start! I just adore this senior. She is so incredibly sweet and kind. Morgan is finishing up her senior year at Draft and getting ready to enter the world of college! Although some might think of Morgan as shy at first, she just glows and lights up the more you get to know her! I absolutely loveddddd this senior session, she had the best smile and seriously brought it. Enjoy my many favorites of this sweetheart!

Morgan Senior 2_WEBMorgan Senior 3_WEB

This was my last session with gorgeous leaves. Actually maybe my only shoot with gorgeous leaves. They treated us well!

Morgan Senior 5_WEBMorgan Senior 7_WEBMorgan Senior 12_WEBMorgan Senior 17_WEB

Go on with your cute self!!

Morgan Senior 21_WEBMorgan Senior 23_WEB

I just love it!

Morgan Senior 25_WEBMorgan Senior 32_WEBMorgan Senior 40_WEB

Love her shirt!

Morgan Senior 48_WEBMorgan Senior 52_WEBMorgan Senior 53_WEBMorgan Senior 58_WEBMorgan Senior 59_WEB

WOA now! Yall know I got all excited and squeely with this one!

Morgan Senior 60_WEBMorgan Senior 61_WEBMorgan Senior 69_WEBMorgan Senior 75_WEBMorgan Senior 78_WEB

So gorgeous!!

Morgan Senior 83_WEBMorgan Senior 85_WEBMorgan Senior 89_WEBMorgan Senior 96_WEBMorgan Senior 103_WEBMorgan Senior 104_WEBMorgan Senior 108_WEB

Oh pretty Morgan! You were just too fun to walk around with and capture!

Morgan Senior 111_WEBMorgan Senior 121_WEBMorgan Senior 123_WEBMorgan Senior 127_WEB

Loved this!

Morgan Senior 130_WEBMorgan Senior 135_WEBMorgan Senior 137_WEBMorgan Senior 142_WEBMorgan Senior 149_WEBMorgan Senior 153_WEBMorgan Senior 156_WEBMorgan Senior 163_WEBMorgan Senior 167_WEBMorgan Senior 171_WEBMorgan Senior 176_WEBMorgan Senior 182_WEBMorgan Senior 183_WEB

One of my favorites!!

Morgan Senior 184_WEBMorgan Senior 188_WEBMorgan Senior 189_WEBMorgan Senior 198_WEBMorgan Senior 204_WEB

Such an exciting, wide open future ahead!

Morgan Senior 211_WEB

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