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The Moore Family⎜Staunton VA Family Photographer

Baby Maxwell is ONE! Time flies! Charlie and Valerie have the cutest little man that is busy, learning, and exploring everything! Max was so happy and adorable for photos! We knocked out the ones down at the river so quickly because he was just so happy to be outside and running around! Enjoy my favorites of this sweet family and now toddler!

Maxwell 1 year 10_WEB

Such a sweet family!

Maxwell 1 year 13_WEBMaxwell 1 year 133_WEB

Look at those smiles on Valerie’s guys!

Maxwell 1 year 150_WEBMaxwell 1 year 245_WEB

So so cute! That wobbly one year old walk is precious!

Maxwell 1 year 255_WEBMaxwell 1 year 284_WEBMaxwell 1 year 323_WEBMaxwell 1 year 353_WEBMaxwell 1 year 388_WEBMaxwell 1 year 397_WEBMaxwell 1 year 437_WEBMaxwell 1 year 441_WEB

Stinking adorable!

Maxwell 1 year 577_WEBMaxwell 1 year 588_WEBMaxwell 1 year 764_WEB

This outfit was Dads!Maxwell 1 year 1028_WEBMaxwell 1 year 1227_WEB

Safe to say he loved it!

Maxwell 1 year 1315_WEB


Houser Maternity⎜Staunton VA Family Photographer

I just adore this sweet couple! Daniel and Courtney are always so welcoming and I love talking real life parenting with them. They are getting ready to welcome their second boy and I’m so excited for them!! 2 cute boys! Nothing better 🙂 Enjoy my favorites of Courtney and her adorable family!

Houser Maternity 936_WEBHouser Maternity 1008_WEB

Look at that cute smile on Deacon!

Houser Maternity 1020_WEBHouser Maternity 1073_WEBHouser Maternity 1146_WEB

Gorgeous mama!!

Houser Maternity 1156_WEB

Houser Maternity 608_WEB

Houser Maternity 532_WEB

So sweet!!

Houser Maternity 597_WEBHouser Maternity 661_WEBHouser Maternity 757_WEB


Maternity Houser-21_WEBMaternity Houser-56_WEB

Houser Maternity 716_WEB

Such a stinking cutieeeee!!!! Little brother is so loved already!

Houser Maternity 40_WEBHouser Maternity 72_WEBHouser Maternity 121_WEB

You are stunning friend!!

Houser Maternity 138_WEBHouser Maternity 268_WEBHouser Maternity 384_WEB


Charlotte ⎜Staunton VA Newborn Photographer

I’m so excited baby Charlotte is here!! After much anticipation baby Meadows is a girl!!! So exciting! We are so thrilled for our dear friends Tyler and Jessica to be parents! Sweet baby is so incredibly loved. Enjoy my favorites of their little daughter…

Charlotte Newborn 2120_WEBCharlotte Newborn 2162_WEB

Once she got settled she was quite the little model!

Charlotte Newborn 2210_WEB

Favorites of the day

Charlotte Newborn 2228_WEBCharlotte Newborn 2259_WEBCharlotte Newborn 2291_WEBCharlotte Newborn 2303_WEB

Love this!

Charlotte Newborn 2332_WEB

Such a sweet pea


Charlotte Newborn 1859_WEB

Look at all that cute fuzzy hair!

Charlotte Newborn 1872_WEBCharlotte Newborn 1940_WEBCharlotte Newborn 1983_WEBCharlotte Newborn 2027_WEBCharlotte Newborn 2054_WEBCharlotte Newborn 2096_WEB

The light and colors– oh my! *swoon*

Charlotte Newborn 2373_WEBCharlotte Newborn 2398_WEB

Beautiful parents!

Charlotte Newborn 2407_WEBCharlotte Newborn 2421_WEBCharlotte Newborn 2431_WEBCharlotte Newborn 2467_WEB

Such a sweet family

Charlotte Newborn 2480_WEBCharlotte Newborn 2493_WEBCharlotte Newborn 2507_WEBCharlotte Newborn 2533_WEBCharlotte Newborn 2589_WEB


September 29, 2017 - 12:58 am

Jessica - I love them and you! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for making this such a special day spent with wonderful people!

Burton Family ⎜Staunton VA Family Photographer

I have been meaning to do this with my own family!! I’m so glad the Burton’s took time to get a large family photo and document where everyone is in life now! It’s so sweet to see the babies so close in age and all smiley at each other! Double cousin trouble 🙂 Enjoy my favorites of this sweet family…

Burton Family 1614_WEB

So cute!

Burton Family 1660_WEB

Burton Family 82_WEB

Love this!

Burton Family 1193_WEBBurton Family 1257_WEB

One good looking family 🙂

Burton Family 1314_WEBBurton Family 1457_WEBBurton Family 1520_WEB

I hadn’t seen Ben since high school and now he has a gorgeous wife and two kids!! Loved getting to meet his sweet family!

Burton Family 112_WEBBurton Family 130_WEBBurton Family 217_WEB

Aren’t those boys just precious?!

Burton Family 342_WEBBurton Family 391_WEB

Sweet Valerie and Charlie’s babe is already a year!!! Time flies!

Burton Family 425_WEB

Burton Family 737_WEB

Burton Family 464_WEBBurton Family 551_WEBBurton Family 572_WEBBurton Family 759_WEBBurton Family 820_WEBBurton Family 915_WEBBurton Family 1059_WEB

Look closely baby Max is so excited!


Burton Family 1800_WEB


Conner One Year ⎜Staunton VA Family Photographer

Sweet Conner is an entire year old!! I did this adorable cuties newborns and couldn’t get over his hair– I still can’t. I’ve loved seeing Conner grow and hit milestones through his Mama’s photos, but was still shocked when Laura said it was time for Conner’s first birthday! Flew by! Enjoy my favorites of Laura and Anthony’s sweet boy!

Conner 1 yr 5011_WEB

Adorable family!

Conner 1 yr 5117_WEBConner 1 yr 5221_WEBConner 1 yr 5231_WEB

Love this! Such cute parents!

Conner 1 yr 5245_WEBConner 1 yr 5330_WEBConner 1 yr 5458_WEB

So happy!

Conner 1 yr 3773_WEBConner 1 yr 3842_WEB

Conner 1 yr 3951_WEB

Love the idea to do the photo within a photo!

Conner 1 yr 5818_WEBConner 1 yr 5993_WEB

They had the best decorations and outfit for baby!!!

Conner 1 yr 4048_WEBConner 1 yr 4099_WEBConner 1 yr 4170_WEB

How stinking adorable is all this theme?!!

Conner 1 yr 4278_WEBConner 1 yr 4381_WEBConner 1 yr 4408_WEBConner 1 yr 4473_WEBConner 1 yr 4587_WEB