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Clark Family⎜Virginia Family Photographer

I meet the best friends through work and it’s such a blessing to have coworkers that are also real-life friends!! Sweet Jessie and her crew met me for photos and I just loved it! The kids did wonderful and were such great listeners. When I was editing I found a little surprise that just made me delight in how fun childhood is– Carly was missing her front teeth and she kept poking her tongue out between the gap! Enjoy my favorites of this wonderful family whom is so incredibly kind!

Jessie & Tim 1100_WEBJessie & Tim 1133_WEB

Oh these two! It was like doing engagement photos these cuties!

Jessie & Tim 1159_WEB

Jessie & Tim 316_WEB

Jessie & Tim 260_WEBJessie & Tim 295_WEB

Jessie & Tim 163_WEB

Such loving parents

Jessie & Tim 487_WEBJessie & Tim 556_WEBJessie & Tim 564-Edit-2_WEBJessie & Tim 662_WEBJessie & Tim 714_WEBJessie & Tim 857_WEBJessie & Tim 937_WEB

Such a cute family!!

Jessie & Tim 305_WEBJessie & Tim 321_WEBJessie & Tim 329_WEB

Jessie & Tim 472_WEB

Jessie & Tim 108_WEB

Going through life with a sibling is the best!

Jessie & Tim 147_WEBJessie & Tim 192_WEB

Jessie & Tim 397_WEBJessie & Tim 410_WEB

Love this!

Jessie & Tim 1013_WEBJessie & Tim 1024_WEBJessie & Tim 1055_WEB

Jessie & Tim 800_WEB

Read Family⎜Virginia Family Photographer

I just adore taking this sweet family’s photos! Meredith and Phillip are absolutely wonderful parents and it is always fun getting to hang with their sweet crew. Their littles are getting so big!! The kids did amazing and had such good manners– it’s so much to ask small kids to smile (we just did family photos and my toddler was rotten!) so I’m extra impressed these days when young kids do so darn well! Enjoy my favorites of the wonderful Read family 🙂

2017 Easter-18_WEB2017 Easter-23_WEB

Caroline and Kate are just precious! They are so loving towards Samuel!

2017 Easter-34_WEB2017 Easter-56_WEB2017 Easter-61_WEB2017 Easter-86_WEB


Reed Family 242_WEBReed Family 335_WEBReed Family 414_WEB

Reed Family 209_WEB

Love this!

Reed Family 777_WEB

Reed Family 497_WEBReed Family 628_WEBReed Family 692_WEB

We’ll end with super cute parents!

Reed Family 53_WEB


Silas⎜Virginia Newborn Photographer

I loved getting to meet this sweet family! Carmen is a friend of one of my friends and just like that through the grape vine I got to meet this adorable couple and their boys! I can’t tell you how darn lucky I am getting to meet all these wonderful people! I enjoyed every minute of getting to know this couple– they were such a delight!! Baby Silas was a delight as well! He was such a sweet pea sleeping and letting us curl him up this way and that.

Carmen Newborn 59_WEBCarmen Newborn 106_WEB

So precious, love that smile!

Carmen Newborn 132_WEBCarmen Newborn 179_WEBCarmen Newborn 214_WEBCarmen Newborn 243_WEB

Carmen Newborn 548_WEBCarmen Newborn 635_WEBCarmen Newborn 702_WEBCarmen Newborn 764_WEB

Sweet boy!

Carmen Newborn 894_WEBCarmen Newborn 1138_WEB

Cutest buck ever!

Carmen Newborn 1251_WEBCarmen Newborn 1307_WEB

Carmen Newborn 288_WEBCarmen Newborn 305_WEB

Big brother was so patient while we did photos!! He did awesome!

Carmen Newborn 314_WEBCarmen Newborn 344_WEB


Jenna⎜One Year⎜Virginia Family Photographer

I just adore this sweet family! I cannot believe my sweet friend Michelle has a ONE year old! She and Mark are in disbelief over how quickly Jenna’s first year of life went by! From squishy baby smiles and rolls to giggles, first words, and walking!!

Jenna 1 year 25_WEB

That cheese and baby teeth!!

Jenna 1 year 125_WEBJenna 1 year 165_WEBJenna 1 year 220_WEB

Loved all the props Mom and Dad had! Adorable!!

Jenna 1 year 330_WEBJenna 1 year 412_WEBJenna 1 year 455_WEB

So excited!!

Jenna 1 year 558_WEBJenna 1 year 559_WEBJenna 1 year 571_WEB

Loving family!

Jenna 1 year 1106_WEBJenna 1 year 1159_WEBJenna 1 year 1162_WEB

Jenna 1 year 605_WEBJenna 1 year 770_WEBJenna 1 year 833_WEBJenna 1 year 980_WEB