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Emma⎜Staunton Virginia Newborn Photographer

Sweet Emma has brought so much joy to the Cason household with her addition! Big sister Olivia is smitten and doing so well with baby sister!! This little chunk was a mere two weeks when we took these pictures and she already had the most delicious baby rolls! So stinking cute! Enjoy my favorites of Steven and Polly’s adorable family…

Emma Newborn 155_WEBEmma Newborn 226_WEB

So so sweet

Emma Newborn 619_WEBEmma Newborn 649_WEBEmma Newborn 686_WEBEmma Newborn 717_WEB

Cutest sleeping fox with little black tip ears

Emma Newborn 728_WEB

Emma Newborn 102_WEB

Emma has the best hair!!

Emma Newborn 291_WEBEmma Newborn 342_WEBEmma Newborn 374_WEBEmma Newborn 414_WEB

Emma Newborn 392_WEB

Emma Newborn 531_WEBEmma Newborn 561_WEB

Emma Newborn 769_WEB

Beautiful family inside and out!

Emma Newborn 810_WEBEmma Newborn 886_WEBEmma Newborn 898_WEBEmma Newborn 909_WEB

Motherhood looks beautiful on you sweet Polly!

Emma Newborn 942_WEBEmma Newborn 984_WEB

Proud Papa!

Emma Newborn 1006_WEBEmma Newborn 1065_WEB




Jackson⎜Virginia Family Photographer

Baby Jackson is ONE! Oh my goodness this year flew for Josh and Jessica! Welcoming your first baby is such an amazing and crazy change– then it’s shocking when you’re planning that first birthday wondering where did your baby go?!!? Not to mention an entire year! Little Jackson is expressive, sweet, and busy. He absolutely loved his cake as you’ll see, but is most sweet for Mama and Dada!

Jackson 1 yr 41_WEBJackson 1 yr 131_WEB

He made the best faces! Had us all cracking up!

Jackson 1 yr 198_WEBJackson 1 yr 290_WEB


Jackson 1 yr 347_WEB

Sweet parents!

Jackson 1 yr 395_WEBJackson 1 yr 492_WEB

Such a cutie and adorable outfit to boot!

Jackson 1 yr 531_WEBJackson 1 yr 710_WEBJackson 1 yr 733_WEBJackson 1 yr 1016_WEBJackson 1 yr 1059_WEBJackson 1 yr 1370_WEBJackson 1 yr 1566_WEBJackson 1 yr 1737_WEB

Such a cute stinker

Jackson 1 yr 1747_WEBJackson 1 yr 1758_WEBJackson 1 yr 1891_WEBJackson 1 yr 2005_WEB

Nycum Family⎜The Inn at Old Virginia⎜Virginia Family Photographer

The Inn at Old Virginia was such an incredible backdrop for these photos!! Whether you’re staying at the Inn as a guest or having your wedding with them the service you get is so individualized. The attention to detail they invest into their brides, grooms, and guests is what really makes the day! Enjoy my favorites of this sweet family!

Nycum Family 2017 1158_WEB

How stunning!! Good looking family + the Observatory!

Nycum Family 2017 1190_WEBNycum Family 2017 1228_WEBNycum Family 2017 1249_WEBNycum Family 2017 1267_WEBNycum Family 2017 1345_WEBNycum Family 2017 1353_WEBNycum Family 2017 1388_WEB

Little brother is so loved!

Nycum Family 2017 1401_WEBNycum Family 2017 1555_WEBNycum Family 2017 1782_WEBNycum Family 2017 1822_WEBNycum Family 2017 1943_WEBNycum Family 2017 1965_WEB

Fixer Upper Inspired Family Board⎜Virginia Photographer

You’ll have to forgive the photo quality!! These are some iPhone shots of the “board” I made in our kitchen. Durham Family 121_WEB

For this project, I got a lot of the materials from Lowes. The dowel rod and coat hooks you can really pick almost anything or even paint the dowel rod. When hanging the hooks, I suggest getting as tight to the roll of paper as you can so that it doesn’t have much movement which could lead to it coming off the dowel rod and crashing down. To help prevent this, using a dowel rod larger than the paper roll length is also helpful. I used paper drop cloth which I found in the paint aisle. I love how affordable it is. I use chalk typically to decorate it and it doesn’t always work great. Sharpie does great– that being said I’m still nervous about it bleeding through (unlikely since the paper is thick). Then I’m such a sucker for any plants, especially these air plants from Air Plant Supply Co. I love them and the way they look. I’ve had a batch of about 20 plants since November and only lost 3 plants and one was to a toddler. You soak them once a week in water and otherwise they’re just out and about looking chic.


Just in case you were curious about the air plants– these are mine dying out after a soak.

air plants-1

Crew 2 Weeks Old⎜Virginia Newborn Photographer

I just adore this sweet family and am so happy for them to expand! Sweet Crew is just a marvelous addition– sister and brother can’t get enough of him! Sarah bounced back like the amazing mama she is and helped me wrangle my kiddos so we could take these photos and I just appreciate her so darn much. Enjoy my favorites of sweet Crew…

Crew Newborn 12_WEBCrew Newborn 41_WEB

One of my favorites!

Crew Newborn 85_WEBCrew Newborn 100_WEBCrew Newborn 179_WEB

Absolutely adorable!!

Crew Newborn 254_WEBCrew Newborn 330_WEBCrew Newborn 384_WEBCrew Newborn 409_WEBCrew Newborn 428_WEB

So snuggly and little

Crew Newborn 449_WEBCrew Newborn 497_WEBCrew Newborn 515_WEBCrew Newborn 590_WEB

Just precious

Crew Newborn 689_WEBCrew Newborn 757_WEBCrew Newborn 823_WEBCrew Newborn 880_WEB

Beautiful mama inside and out

Crew Newborn 889_WEB