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Success & the new blog

It was two weeks ago, a Monday with attitude. I was stressed over nursing school. I was beyond frustrated with how my images were turning up grainy when I loaded them to web. There had to be some resizing formula I knew I just had to be missing. I was so mad at my Mac that I was ready to give up photography just because the computer was garbaging my pictures. I drove home from EMU grouchy. Not grouchy like Oscar. Or a bear. Or heck, even a toddler at naptime. No indeed, much, much grouchier. I was at point of having a complete crying breakdown, calling my poor boyfriend—“Hunter,” sniff sniff, “you don’t understand I NEED a puppy!!” I’m ashamed to admit I indulged in some wailing slash whining at this point. I thought the only thing I wanted in life was an Australian Sheppard. NEED. I needed a puppy. Everything with school and the blog was going wrong. A puppy would fix that. Snuffling, I walked inside my house. I dug around in the mail and found a package from Dogeared Jewelry. At this point the Jiminy Cricket voice of my conscience was saying, “Rebecca Sterling, what did you do? Did you put something in that online cart? Shame on you. It was supposed to be just looking, no buying.” As I opened the package I found a lovely note from Nick and Sarah wishing me the best with this new business.

The note reads:

Pearls of Success

From humble beginnings as a rough grain of sand, the pearl slowly grows into an object of beauty and simplicity. Symbolic of honesty, integrity, prosperity and wisdom. Pearls represent the best within us. Let your necklace be a daily reminder to open doors, make trails, and allow your best to shine. Enjoy and Believe!

The quote immediately pulled me out of my pity party and reminded me of my focus for the business. I felt so inspired and refreshed—reminded that humble beginnings can blossom into beautiful masterpieces. BUT the most important part of the moment: I was pulled out of my wallowing to realize I have amazing friends here if I just open my eyes and heart. Blessed. I am so grateful to be blessed with amazing and encouraging friends and family. Starting this business is a huge blessing also. I appreciate so much everyone who is interested and following my blog and taking the time to look through my ramblings and pictures. Thanks and love!

Sarah, thank you so much. A hundred times over. For the thoughtful gift. But more importantly for being there for me. I’m so happy to have you in my life! Love you!

Game Day Necklaces

This is the first of the DIY projects I will post. This necklace was a lot of fun to wear watching my favorite Hokies play. They sell these in the bookstore ranging in price up to $30. You can easily make your own for less and would make a great gift to add to the bridesmaids’ gift bags. All of the supplies I used were from Michaels.

You’ll need

–       1 bag of wooden beads

–       1 bag of silver or metal beads

–       paint

–       clear coating to seal it

–       ribbon

I won’t give any steps because it’s pretty obvious. Some tips though- string your beads between two dining room chairs and make the dots with a pencil tip. This makes it easy to take it from the strung chairs to outside to tie to finish off with the clear coating (mine was in an aerosol can- hence outside). If you have the paint already or can use it in the future you end up making this necklace for around $7 to $10.

Drumroll please…

…and boyfriend of the year…goes to Hunter!

For flowers on my first day of nursing school and my second degree. I think I may have hinted because I’m that much of a stinker. So double boyfriend-of-the-year points for putting up with me!

September 23, 2010 - 12:26 pm

Aunt Deenie - Ok, that Hunter is a keeper! Trust me cause I got one too. And it is perfectly ok to “hint” you are in need of some extra attention by way of flowers ;). Your pics and blog are amazing. So proud of you. Nursing school, new business, so very busy. Keep up the great work. And pencil us in for some time in Oct before the leaves fall off (if you still want to!).

I wish I was in the saddle club…

When debating as to what to title this first post I really wanted to say “Hellooooo, World this is meeee” after the theme song from the Saddle Club. Bear with me in this journey.

I’ve been day dreaming about how these photographs will look, potential shoot locations, and post-worthy thoughts… all while lusting after lenses and Photoshop applications. After all the dreams and the conversations and lessons (thanks, Susan!) here it is. Sterling Reflections. Unique name, non? My middle name is Sterling, after my great-grandfather. The deep, special place my family holds in my heart combined with the aspects of sterling silver (timeless? the color of a wedding band? precious? how do you define sterling silver anyways?) made the name perfect for my budding photography business.

Carrie ⎜ Blacksburg, VA Photographer

LOUD! That is what comes across when you meet Carrie. Sometimes in the sense of verbal volume, mainly in her personality, always in her outgoingness, and in the way she lives life. Oh and of course in her karaoke voice- definitely loud =) She LOVES cats and college. Visiting her at her internship at the beach this summer, I have no doubt that she’ll land an awesome job after graduation. Hopefully somewhere tropical where her Mom & I would like to visit.

Carrie, you had the most difficult post I’ll probably ever write. I started off with what I thought when I first saw you, the black raincoat, Sperrys, & blonde hair—thinking you were so cool you probably wouldn’t give me the time of day, probably in a sorority even. I erased that and then went with a funny moment, then had to backspace, finally came up with something like you’re my BFF- like give you a half a charm necklace if we were in middle school thing, then more backspace. Needless to say I erased that cause I knew you’d call me a dork. All I can say is that you know me as well as I know myself. So all the things I came up with to say you know. You also know how much I value your friendship and feel blessed to have you as a large part of my life. I Love you!