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Jared & Suzanne ⎜ Shenandoah, VA Photographer

He’s from Page. She’s from Luray. At best it should be a rivalry, yet somewhere along the way it turned into love. I got to spend a wonderful evening with them at our grandparents’ farm in Page County. Did I mention Jared’s my cousin? A fun one too! I’m honored to capture this special stage of their lives.  Jared and Suzanne got engaged during the Blizzard of 2009; it even caused them to have to cancel their plans for a visit to New York City where Jared had originally planned to propose. Don’t worry though, Jared improvised, literally in some ways, at Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton, VA. They’ll become husband and wife in the fall of 2012 after Suzanne graduates.  Jared & Suzanne, thank you so much—you all look wonderful and I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures!

Anna ⎜ Nags Head, NC Photographer

It seems hard to believe, but Anna is a senior at Hunt Jr High School. It seems like only yesterday she was small enough for all of us to be calling her Anna Banana. Yet time flies and she’s a beautiful young woman who is embarking in the exciting journey of picking a college and enjoying her last year in high school. Anna, I wish you the best as you make some big upcoming decisions about college, its so exciting!! Best of luck. Love you!

My Business

Welcome to Sterling Reflections Photography! Sit back and enjoy snapshots of my clients’ exquisite lives or my personal thoughts. Take your time to savor it all and be sure to stop in often, as this blog is frequently updated. For the passerby, welcome to my dream made into a reality thanks to encouragement from people like you. For prospective clients, I hope you find my style and vision to your taste; check out the various types of work I do including portraits, engagement, wedding, and family shots.

Sterling Reflections. Unique name, non? My middle name is Sterling, after my great-grandfather. The deep, special place my family holds in my heart combined with the aspects of sterling silver (timeless? the color of a wedding band? precious? how do you define sterling silver anyways?) made the name perfect for my budding photography business.

Nick & Sarah ⎜ Fishersville, VA Photographer

As guests arrived at Barren Ridge Vineyards, the excitement and love was tangible, taste-able. Friends and family of Nick and Sarah lingered before being seated in the rows of white wooden chairs, sometimes catching a glimpse of the wedding party. The ceremony took place among the grape vines on the first day of May. The newness of the month and the exquisite warmth echoed the celebratory atmosphere.

The reception that followed felt like a party. The new Mrs. requested “Wagon Wheel” for her new husband—a sure crowd pleaser that got everyone dancing and singing. Conversation flowed easily. Snippets of Nick and Sarah’s lives floated in the evening air. School stories were shared (Nick and Sarah were actually middle and high school classmates, before finally becoming sweethearts post-college) but the most often told story was of their engagement. Every girl sighed over the proposal setting on top of the cliffs of Hilo, Hawaii. We all knew that Nick and Sarah would be happy together: in an exotic or homey setting, in the heat of May or the chill of November, in sickness or in health. As long as they both shall live.

Matt & Annie ⎜ Blacksburg, VA Photographer

Annie & Matt were due for a picture update in their life. And of course their Mom could always use new pictures of her good looking children. Portraits are few and far in between for these siblings. After graduating from Tech, Matt moved out to Colorado—which explains why they haven’t had pictures together in four years! So celebrating Annie’s college graduation at our alma mater, Virginia Tech, we got some lovely pictures of two auh-mazing people. Make that three cause Matt’s sweet girlfriend Becky joined in too!