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Dan & Ashley ⎜ Blacksburg, VA Photographer

My junior year of college my housemate, Ashley, and I shared a room. When we first moved into Hassel House (the brick house filled to overflowing with hokie girls), Ashley and I caught up on summer happenings over the boxes and whirl of the fan, well fans plural, it was miserably hot moving in! Obviously, at some point the conversation turned to boys. Ashley had spent the summer sending and receiving letters from Dan, while she was working at a Young Life camp. Her excitement and the smile that lit up her face as we chatted about him over the next few weeks, made it no surprise when their first date came later that fall. Living with Ashley was such a privilege—she is by far and away one of the sweetest girls I know. More than that, I got to see how her personal relationship with Christ changed her day-to-day life as well as affected her relationship with Dan. Looking back at those adorable nights of watching Ash debate over the perfect date outfits, coming back bouncing after holding hands, and then floating after their first kiss—it shouldn’t surprise me how perfect they are for each other. Dan and Ashley, you both are amazing and your friendship is a true blessing. Much thanks and love!