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Parks Engagement⎜Elkton VA Wedding Photographer

I am so glad these two Eastern shore cuties landed here in rural Virginia!! I work with Emily and just adore her– she is so incredibly kind and always willing to lend a hand. Just a gem this girl! You can ask Will as well, he’s pretty crazy about her too! Their sweet pup Buddy came to photos and Emily was like “I’m going to bring Buddy, but I’m not really sure how he’ll do– we’ll just see”…. so Buddy stole the show!!! What a happy old man this dog is, he seriously didn’t stop smiling for all the photos!! Enjoy my favorites Will and Emily, I’m so excited for you all to tie the knot next year!!

Parks Engagement 25_WEB

Love this!! When this is one of the first 10 photos you take and it’s this good you know it’s gonna be a great day!

Parks Engagement 165_WEBParks Engagement 207_WEB

Sweet Will works for the railroad so this was quite fitting!

Parks Engagement 377_WEBParks Engagement 409_WEBParks Engagement 476_WEBParks Engagement 513_WEBParks Engagement 542_WEB

What did I tell you about Buddy?! Stole the show that puppy!

Parks Engagement 714_WEBParks Engagement 735_WEB

These down at the river are some of my absolute favorites!!! Love the fall glow

Parks Engagement 739_WEBParks Engagement 779_WEBParks Engagement 799_WEBParks Engagement 828_WEB

Such a wonderful couple!

Parks Engagement 842_WEBParks Engagement 921_WEB

Will did amazing with the ring!

Parks Engagement 970_WEB

Parks Engagement 1598_WEB

Parks Engagement 1027_WEBParks Engagement 1046_WEB

Fun fact this is actually Emily’s truck! Gorgeous girl loves working on it!

Parks Engagement 1377_WEBParks Engagement 1450_WEB

I mean if this doesn’t just scream American love to me…

Parks Engagement 1509_WEBParks Engagement 1531_WEBParks Engagement 1548_WEB


Parks Engagement 1102_WEBParks Engagement 1118_WEBParks Engagement 1142_WEBParks Engagement 1181_WEB

Will was such a gem!! He quickly realized I was constantly lying about “oh gosh just one more the light is so good!” 😉

Parks Engagement 1199_WEBParks Engagement 1249_WEBParks Engagement 1274_WEB

Congrats you two!

Parks Engagement 1331-Edit_WEB


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