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The Coffey Family⎜Staunton VA Family Photographer

I seriously could have taken this beautiful family’s photos for days! They are just stunning!! Sweet Matt and Karissa are just delightful and so easy to talk with and the kiddos were so good! When I texted Karissa their photos were ready, I also blamed her for giving me wrinkles from smiling at my computer while I edited!

We snuck in some headshots for this wonderful wedding coordinator too! Almost every single one of my wedding clients and my own sister have used Karissa Coffey Events for their wedding coordination. This girl is just a gem I tell ya! She has the details down pat, spreadsheets, color-coded everything, vendor directions and organization… I can’t even list it all because even I can’t remember everything she covers that’s how amazing and essential she is to her client’s special day! An absolute must check into if you’re engaged!

Enjoy my favorites of this cute family…

Coffey Family 741_WEB

Coffey Family 728_WEB

Their son was such a cutie!!

Coffey Family 323_WEB

Coffey Family 302_WEBCoffey Family 359_WEBCoffey Family 364_WEB

Big sister Elliana was the absolute best!! She was so sweet and did amazing smiling!! I’ve never had it so easy photographing young kids!

Coffey Family 418_WEBCoffey Family 462_WEB

Stinking adorable parents!! Love these!

Coffey Family 473_WEBCoffey Family 493_WEB

Coffey Family 569_WEB

Coffey Family 975_WEB

Everything about the composition and family here has me sighing! Love!

Coffey Family 1033_WEB

Absolutely adorable!

Coffey Family 592_WEBCoffey Family 642_WEBCoffey Family 676_WEB

Coffey Family 167_WEB

This is one of my favorite photos to date!

Coffey Family 16_WEBCoffey Family 33_WEB

Love this!

Coffey Family 44_WEB

Oh my goodness– perfection! Sky, trees, pretty people?! Yes please!!

Coffey Family 95_WEB

Gorgeous. I love this because not only is this amazing mama stunning, but she’s hustling working hard with her small business, raising two kids, running the house, and supporting her farming husband who works all hours.

Coffey Family 246_WEB

Such darling kids

Coffey Family 902_WEBCoffey Family 912_WEBCoffey Family 967_WEB

Coffey Family 130_WEB

Obsessed and also I need to get new headshots desperately! It’s been years since I have– eek!

Coffey Family 198_WEBCoffey Family 215_WEBCoffey Family 268_WEB

Coffey Family 816_WEB


Coffey Family 828_WEBCoffey Family 872_WEB



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