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Baby Maxwell is ONE! Time flies! Charlie and Valerie have the cutest little man that is busy, learning, and exploring everything! Max was so happy and adorable for photos! We knocked out the ones down at the river so quickly because he was just so happy to be outside and running around! Enjoy my favorites of this sweet family and now toddler!

Maxwell 1 year 10_WEB

Such a sweet family!

Maxwell 1 year 13_WEBMaxwell 1 year 133_WEB

Look at those smiles on Valerie’s guys!

Maxwell 1 year 150_WEBMaxwell 1 year 245_WEB

So so cute! That wobbly one year old walk is precious!

Maxwell 1 year 255_WEBMaxwell 1 year 284_WEBMaxwell 1 year 323_WEBMaxwell 1 year 353_WEBMaxwell 1 year 388_WEBMaxwell 1 year 397_WEBMaxwell 1 year 437_WEBMaxwell 1 year 441_WEB

Stinking adorable!

Maxwell 1 year 577_WEBMaxwell 1 year 588_WEBMaxwell 1 year 764_WEB

This outfit was Dads!Maxwell 1 year 1028_WEBMaxwell 1 year 1227_WEB

Safe to say he loved it!

Maxwell 1 year 1315_WEB


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